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Because there are so many unseen arts I shows how much I miss and how tough it's gonna be to keep up. T_T
Sorry formy long absent. Had my mind well set in reality for a while. But I thought I stop by to say that I will return soon.
When time comes, I wish you all a Happy New Year! :D
How are my friends doing in Deviantart? :)
What in the--!? This update very new all of a sudden.


United States
This one now has a cat-like fang, but you can only see one. ;)

Favourite genre of music: Video Game
Skin of choice: Green and Yellow
Favourite cartoon character: Princess Peach
Personal Quote: Respect me to earn respect.


Tickle Torture Roleplayer by JasonKrix I love tickling feet stamp by JasonKrix RPStamp Roleplay OC by PharaohQueen :thumb322013340: Stamp - I love singing alone by BlueHunter Sex is Overrated by MustBeInfinito Tickler Stamp by SteelJaw33
I thought that since I've been away for sometime, I should explain why.

As I may have mentioned before, I was in deep thoughts on something. And truth be told, one of my deep thoughts was about me rping with others. I can't deny that I was happy to have a good time with you all when we do them, and making sure you're happy is what will make me happy, but after having some stress time due to multitasking with so many seperate ones and sometimes trying to maintain myself of being a good RPer for you, during my break, I began to question myself on if I was really making myself happy in the process. I've been taking breaks to get away from this stress a bit more often than I expect to do, so I decided to add some rules. But before I tell you this, I'll give you some heads up: If any of what you see disappoint you or feel that I'm being unfair, well I'm sorry, but I wanna do something for myself and try and make it more balance during the RP. I understand that what you may come upon on could limit the idea or motivation, so you're free to make your own decision once you read all of it.

Here are the rules:

Personally I've been having many thoughts of what kind of RP I like best and Ive tried various kind that I like to do, and I didn't mind much of what scenario or plot it needs to add in the RP as long as I can follow it. If it turns out to be difficult for me, I may decline or may accept but will have hard time thinking of a nice reply to keep the flow going. I don't wanna Gmod because as fun as it may be or can give someone advantage, it doesn't seem fair to me and I have learned that the hard way.

Position of recieve or give:
I don't mind being tickled every now and then, but it's a rare case for I prefer to tickle more. So if I end up being the ticklee, I can't promise that I'll go easy and give action you may want me to show. I could simply resist or just ignore, depending on my mood. Afterall, I said that I'm 95% tickler and 5% ticklee, so be aware of what you prefer to be.

Gender: I don't really mind who I tickle really, weather you're a male or female, because I find it fun either way But don't get the wrong idea. I'm as straight as others that would prefer to tickle the opposite gender. So if you men want me to tickle you, don't hesitate to ask, but don't assume that I'm gay or bi.  Also, if one plans on having me fantasize myself as a female...Sorry to say, but I'm no longer intersted in doing that. I feel better off at being a male. 

Detail: If you want me to add some details on what I'm doing beside just saying *Tickle you* or *Poke you*, I can do that, for I wanted to try my best on what I can do. Just be aware that too much detail will stress me out a bit. Also, I'm more than willing to let my partner have a a chance to reaction that shows effort. So If one happens to be a tickler and just typed in something like *Locked you in stock* out of nowhere, I may go along with it, but that seem like you're rushing.

Limitation/Preference: I'm pretty sure many of you would agree to this. We all have likes and dislike. So if you find someone that has a major dislike on what you like to do, try to avoid that and find another way. If you can't...then we might as well find a different partner in my opinion.

Lastly, there were some encounter to when I asked what kind of RP they wanna do to see if I may be able to follow it, few to some would would just simply say "Whatever you like" or "I don't know", it's understandable if you don't have an idea on what you like to do, but know that when you say something like that, I might end up questioning myself on weather or not my choice will be good enough for you. So if that were to happen and you answered me that kind of question, I could tell you what I wanna do or what kind of RP I may have in mind, but know that you've putting yourself at risk of getting an answer you may not like. So I apologize if my preference isn't your interest.

Now that I've given you the answer, I hope we can have some understanding. And if you still want to RP with me regardless of those rules, then once I'm ready, I hope you remember them.

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