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Microsoft Window Issue by FTGenikit
Microsoft Window Issue
Yesterday I had mention in the journal the situation I had with my laptop. So here's the message I got after restoring it. And I'm using Acer, Window 7.
Talk about serious, because it happened two days ago when I was simply scanning my laptop to remove any threats, and while it was in the middle of it, my laptop crashed. It wasn't the first time it did it either, so I chose to restore it to when I first had my laptop. That was successful, but unfortunately after it was done, it detected a hardware failure that could cause me to lose all my files and document, and because that's not a good sign, I have to get help on weather that hardware needs to be repaired or replaced by the professional.

So until that's taken cared off, I won't be able to be on my laptop until further once again, I'm unable to RP. How I'm telling you this now, I'm using someone else's computer.
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It was midnight in the Land of the Genikit, where everything appeared to be as quiet as it can be. No sound was made, not even in their home. Nearly like some places on Earth, except without animals or any other living creatures that would often make a soothing sound for those that love nature. Each and every Genikit was inside their own house having a nice slumber for the night to await for the day to come.

Inside Kate's house, while she was sleeping peacefully inside her room, she was snuggling under a thick yet comfy clouded bed sheet. Everything in her surrounding was still as colorful as ever and it even appeared to be glowing in the dark. If one were to listen carefully, the sound of her happy sigh, and even her giggles can be heard.

In Veronica's house, she was already resting on her bed while, not surprisingly, her surrounding is as scientific as one would expect: Samples of things in the Land of Genikits, new creations that she would believe would make the world a better place, and even chemicals that are bubbling nonstop that would often be harmless.

Even in the throne, the Sage is having a nice slumber. However, in a way no one else could. For as he sits on his throne, at this time of night, the four different colored spheres that represent the element were surrounding him from head to toes, the gentle humming was heard as he and his throne were levitating just a foot in the air.

Outside, and far from home, was a Genikit named Robert. He was now out on midnight patrol, but he was not alone. Next to him was another one named, David. The same Genikit who was once a human being on earth, but became who he is now,  after meeting one that once appeared and lendedhim the lamp. The same one that's no longer around....

Apparently, tonight was the night, Robert was requested by the sage that day to be on a look out from dusk to dawn, by exploring every areas in the Land of the Genikit, both near and far. And as for David, he was chosen to tag along with him, since he still needed time to learn much about the land he's able to visit anytime. Practically because since he's well trusted, he was allowed to be a far distant. They were now in a place that seem to show very little things compare to the houses he's been seeing for sometime. Mostly he sees now are fluffy cloud that has been handling their weight without any trouble, but David didn't mind at all.

David: I'm actually thankful that I can help you on your patrol for this night. Never expected to be on this job all night.

Robert: It's no problem. I'd have Paul tag along, but I thought you'd be more suitable for this.

David: Huh...I wonder why.

Robert: You'll probably find out sooner or later. In the meantime, I know this is your first time doing this, but just remember: We have to stay up all night for this. So we can't rest for too long.

David: You're the boss.

Robert simply chuckled, for in his mind, he didn't really considered David as his boss. More like his partner, but he let it slide. Along the way, they continued to walk on patrol as they searched in many direction. Keeping an eye out for anything that may considered trouble. Naturally, because very little things was shown in that place, it wasn't likely that they would spot anything. Though as boring as it seem, they didn't care. David and Robert had a nice conversation to pass the time and to keep themselves busy when needed. Just then, they came upon a new figure beyond the horizon, for the clouds were no longer as plain as it was when they left. Beyond the horizon they came upon an area that seem to have many clouds forming a shape of very tall flowers overlapping one another. The height of the flower shaped clouds was well beyond David and Robert's. It was like entering the forest to David, for the only time there were any plants a lot bigger than him on earth were trees. As for Robert, he was pretty much surprised.

David: What is this place? I don't think I've ever seen that before.

Robert: To tell you the truth...I don't think I have been here before either, but it looks like we stumbled into The Flower Florest.

David: Flower Florest?

Robert: That's right. It's a pretty thick place where few Genikits has ever came upon that place. The Sage once mentioned about it, but I never thought this would be real.

David: What do you mean?

Robert: Well.., it might be crazy, but legend has it that inside the Flower Florest lives many small fairies that are the size of our hands. They are known to be very playful yet a bit shy, and only appear during this time of night. One has to be lucky to even meet one—let alone two, for if they do, depending on how one  behaves toward them can either form a strong bond, or they can flee and never be seen by them again.

David: Wow! That's pretty amazing!

Robert: I have to agree. Never have I expected to even come upon this place.

David: Well, how about we go in and explore? After all, we are on patrol and we need to stay on duty for the Sage.

Robert: You're right, but I'm not sure. If The Flower Florest is as thick as I was told...if we get separated, and not find our way, we could get lost for a very long time, if not forever.

David thought about it as he knew that Robert had had a good point. It would've been ill-advised to disappoint the Sage for a reason like that. He began to pounder, to try and form an idea on what they can use to keep them together and make sure not to get lost, nor separated. Then it happened.

David: I know! How about if I used my Frost Blade to leave a trail?

Robert: Leave a trail?

David: Uh-huh! For it seems that each of those flower shaped cloud, appears to have two clouds shaped like leaves. If I freeze that leave pointing inward, it should help us find out way.

Robert: That seem like a risky idea.

David: My power isn't permanent and if I remember, it can't harm living things, so why not?

Robert: Hmm...true. It's worth a try. But what can we do in case we get separated?

David: Simple, we'll call out to each other, just in case we do.

Robert wasn't too sure about that idea. It was risky enough to leave a trail using ice, but to call out? He thought against that idea at first, but then sighed and decided to agree, but stated that they must stay close. As David agreed, they soon went inside the Flower Florest, together. The trouble was, as soon as they got inside, they soon realized that what appeared to be thick on the outside, was even thicker on the inside.

Robert, leading the way, had to push the cloud-like flowers out of the way to help them see where they are going, while David, following behind, simply tap his Frost Blade onto the leaf to freeze it and leave a trail behind them. Deeper and deeper they went as little by little, it became harder and harder to see what's in front of them...yet they pushed on, feeling determined not to think of the worse. As soon as they got far inside the Flower Florest, David heard something. The sound of giggling was heard from the distant, but was not sure where he heard it. He stopped for a moment to listen carefully. When he did, he heard more giggling, only it was getting a bit closer.

David asked Robert if he had heard something, but strangely, he got no reply. Looking forward, he realized that Robert was no longer close to him, and started to move forward, in hoping to catch up with him. Unfortunately, because of how thick it was, it wasn't easy moving fast enough to catch up. Knowing that, he tried to call out to him, but again he got no reply. Leaving a well known fact, that their gap between one another happen to be too great to be heard. He tried not to panic and continued to move forward, while at the same time leaving more trails behind him. Unfortunately, what he didn't know was as he made a trail, something behind was glowing and each time that glow pass the frosted leaves, it melted to its normal state.

He then heard another giggle, only thing time, the sound came from behind him. When he looked back, all he could see were tall Flowers in The Flower Florest, but that wasn't all. By surprised, he noticed that trails he was leaving behind had suddenly disappeared, causing him to feel worried about the situation he's in. He questioned on how he'll be able to exit the Flower Florest, and at the same time find Robert in the process. And just as he began to feel despair, out of nowhere, something appeared right in front of him from below without warning, causing the startled David to fall back and landed on his bottom. He looked ahead to see what it was that had him by surprised and took noticed of the glowing light, floating right in front of him, and at the same time heard the same giggle he's been hearing recently.

Floating Light: Hehehehe! Hello! I hope I didn't scare you.

David: H-Hello. Y-you don't be I've heard of before...are you?

Floating Light: Hehehe! Maybe! What have you heard?

David: *He slowly got up on his feet* Well...I hear that living in this Flower Florest are fairies that are playful, yet shy.

Floating Light: Heheheheh! Interesting. Tell me more!

David: Oh okay. I also heard that the chances of finding one requires luck and if I find one, I gotta be careful.

Floating Light: Why? Hehehehehe!

David: Um...well, because if my action were to give them reason to run away, I'd never see one again.

Floating: Hehehehe! Really~?

David: That's all I was told.

Floating: that case...I have something I wanna ask. What would you do if you were to see one?

David: Um...I don't myself and try to make friends by getting to know one?

As David gave that answer, it became quiet for the moment as the floating light grew closer him. He got really nervous, for he wasn't sure what to expect. Then the floating light began to move around him, like he was being examined and went back to have David looking right at it. Before another giggle was heard and then spoke.

Floating Light: You appear to have great soul and very honest. What made it interesting is that you're not originally a Genikit.

David: Huh? How did you know?

Floating Light: I've seen many and I can sense one being pure...but you are different. You were once a human, who is now a Genikit. I don't know how...

David: *He listened, feeling surprised that he was known that much by the floating light.*

Floating Light: But you appear to be a very friendly one. And I'm very sure that the fairy will like you.

David: Really? I don't know about that.

Floating Light: Oh I know so...because....

Without warning, something began to happen. A brief flash occurred in David's eye, thus blinding him for a moment. Once his eyes were readjusted, what he saw amazed him. Floating right in front of him, was something he had heard before...but he didn't expect to see something like this. For right in front of him was a fairy, who appears to be a female. Her skin was dark and had blue eyes, and black long hair that reaches to her shoulders. She had on orange dress that had  a wide white stripe around her waist. Her skirt was long and had few triangles that reach down to her knees. She also appears to have an orange glove that goes from the short sleeve of her shirt toward her wrist. Lastly was her back that appears to have a wings that helped her flutter about in front of him. She simply smiled at him as he looked in complete amazement.

Female Fairy: I happen to be that fairy that you heard about.

David: Y-y-you!? You're the fairy I was told about?

Female Fairy: That's right. My name is Trixie. Please to meet you.

David: I can believe...I was talking to fairy....and I didn't even know it. Please to meet you, Trixie.

Trixie: Hehehe! Pleasure is all mine. *Flutters around David playfully* Never thought you would be able to find me, huh? Did I mention that I found you first?

David: You have?

Trixie: *She nod* I was the one that saw you and wanted to observe you from the distant. You seem very nice, so I thought I say hello and test you. Which you passed by the way.

David: *He was at a lost for word as he blushed*

Trixie: So then...what's your name?

David: Oh! My apologies. My name is David. *He extended his hand gently to offer her a handshake*

Trixie: David. Such a nice name.

What Trixie did next was something that caught him off guard. Instead of offer her small hand, she extend her leg to lent him her foot. David wasn't sure what to say about that, causing Trixie to giggle again. And told her that fairy don't really handshake. They actually “foot shake”, but will accept half and half. So that what David did. He gently held on to her foot and gently shook it. It didn't take long for him to see that he had actually made a friend.

Meanwhile, Robert was having some tough time in the Flower Florest. For later he realized that he got separated and was trying his best to look for him. He did try to call him, but not luck. He had a thought something like this was gonna happen, which made him feel a little silly for accepting that kind of idea to use a trail and to call out to stay together. He started to feel concern for David, fearing that he could've been lost and has no idea where to go. So he decided to postpone his patrol to find him.

As he looked and called to him, he started to hear some giggles. He stopped to look around, but saw something out of the ordinary, beside the very tall flower. He shrugged it off and decided to continue, but he didn't get far before he hear more giggling. He stopped again, feeling more cautious than before. Not knowing where the giggling was coming from, nor who or what is giggling. He listened carefully and looked slowly and thoroughly, but again he found nothing different. Despite that, he continued to move onward, hoping to find David. But shortly after he passed through some of the tall flowers, he heard giggling again. This time he stopped to stand his ground, while looking carefully and listening to where the sound was coming from. He called out to who or whatever was making giggling sound to be known that he aware of someone nearby. All went quiet for a while.

Robert soon thought that he must've been hearing thing and eased up to get back to looking for David. But as soon as he turned around, floating right in front of him was a ball of light. Caught completely off guard he jumped back, and looked straight at it, wondering on what it was. The floating ball of light moved closer to Robert and then slowly moved around him, as he practically moved his head to follow as far as he could without turning around. It then went back to having Robert looking straight at it. Before long, it spoke when Robert left expected.

Floating Light: Hello. Are you lost?

Robert: *Not sure what to say as he simply looked at the light*

Floating Light: Hmhmhm. You seem to be, from the look of that expression. Though it's not often I find a genikit for so long.

Robert: Really? So if I'm not don't happen to be a fairy...are you?

Floating Light: Maybe I am. But tell me...what do you think of them?

Robert: Huh? I um...I think of them as a very playful one as far as I believe.

Floating Light: Hmhmhm. Anything else?

Robert: do appear to feel warm and gentle. That's for sure.

Floating Light: Hehe. Why thank you,  but that wasn't the answer I expect. *The floating light then, started to move around Robert again as giggling was heard again*

Robert: Well I speak the truth, really. It feel really nice, and it appears that you're very nice too.

Floating Light: Aww! Thank you, Genikit.

The floating light soon landed settled down as Robert held out his hand to offer the light to land on him. Once it did, it stood there with a giggle and before long, a brief flash occurred, thus blinding Robert for a short moment. Once his eyes readjusted, he took noticed something amazing. What he thought appeared to be confirmed, for right on his hand was a female fairy. Her skin was as light as snow and had a long orange that goes down to her back. Had green eyes that looked a bit lighter than his own and had light skin. She had on a blue shirt that had two light blue semi-swirl, blue triangular skirt that seem a bit short, but not too short. In her hair was a hairpin shape like a flower that was also colored blue.
 On the back, had wing that helped her fly. She looked at Robert with a smile.

Robert: Amazing...! So the legend is true.

Female Fairy (2): Hmhmhmhm. Me? A legend? I don't know about that, for it seems to be an overstatement.

Robert: My name is Robert, by the way, and to actually meet one like you, who have to be lucky to find one, to me, you're indeed legendary.

Female Fairy (2): *She smiled and looked away in a sign of embarrassment* Hehe. Oh stop! You're embarrassing me.

Robert: Haha.

Amy: My name is Amy. It's a pleasure meeting you.

She raised her leg up at Robert, who happen to looked at her with a puzzled look and wonder what she was doing. She explained that all fairies offers foot shake to other. Not being to do that at all, he decided to shake her foot gently, using his hand. He then smiled at her, but then remember what he was suppose to do and explained his situation. She listened carefully and smiled every second of it.

Amy: So you had a friend with you and you two somehow split apart by mistake? Hehe.

Robert: I'm a little worried.

Amy: Hmm...I think I saw you with him before. Perhaps I can help you find him.

Robert: Really? I'd be so thankful if you did.

Meanwhile, David and his new friend, Trixie began to travel along the Flower Florest. She began leading him along the way, assuring him that she knows a spot to be at, so he trust her. As they moved on, Trixie and David started to have a nice talk to get to know one another, Especially Trixie, who was very curious on how David became like them. He happily explained a bit on what happened when he first met one and after gaining her trust and helping her feel better. What she heard amazed her.

Trixie: So she actually gave you a lamp and before you know it, you transformed?

David: That's right. I was amazed myself, and the fact that I can do something a bit more than I imagined in my life.

Trixie: *She started to fly around David with a giggle* Well she chose a right human then. You appear to be very gentle and kind.

David: Thanks, and I owe her my life for making it so extraordinary. *He then sighed in sadness*

Trixie: *She turned to notice David feeling sad, then stopped* David?

David: ….You know? Just thinking about it, make me miss her a lot.

Trixie: What happened?

David: *He hesitated on answering that question* She' longer with us.

Trixie: *As if she understood what he meant, she started to feel sorry*

For a few long moment, neither David or Trixie had said anything else. For she wasn't sure what to say after hearing that. Then, David took a deep breath and looked at Trixie, telling her that there's no need for any of them to feel down. For as sad as it was, he had to be strong and know that she may no longer be around, but she can still be here, inside his heart. And encourage her to continue their travel. As she did, she looked at David for a moment with a slight smile, and then continued to guide him.

Before long, Trixie and David had soon arrived to the heart of the Flower Florest, where unlike any other spot, the area around them was bit clearer than before. For the cloud-like flowers weren't overlapping as much as when David and Robert first entered. They were able to move freely along the place, but as they looked up, they were not able to see the sky at all. For even though the flowers aren't overlapping much in front of them, they still are right above them. Trixie explained that the area they are in now is like a special place that was once made by the first few genikits that came upon here long ago. According to her, they were once struggling inside the Flower Florest as much as they were, and had hard time finding their way out. They were stuck in their for close to three long days—nearly a week on earth. On their first day when they needed a rest, the flowers were giving them trouble getting comfortable. So they did something to try and make themselves more free in this place.

They didn't have any tools, but they used their weapon to widen up the place by cutting down some of the cloud-like flowers.. That kind of commotion had brought the attention to the fairies and at first, they feared them because of what they were doing to their home. But wasn't able to do much anything, due to their size. When David asked why, she simply explained that the fairies and herself are more of a peaceful type and don't do violent. However, that didn't mean that couldn't stand to watch. So they decided to try and sabotage their idea to widen it up. It worked for the moment, but only to see that their effort were only delaying them.

One day, they soon finished widen up the area and began to lay down to get some rest after a hard day of work. And that's when the fairies decided to take drastic measure. Now Trixie had stated that they were not the type to any violent action, but because they fear that their home could be in danger, they decided to make an exception. They swarmed around the genikits and started to pinch them non-stop from head to toes. It didn't hurt the genikits too much, but they were definitely bothered. They started to try and swat them away, hoping that the fairies would leave them alone. However, they were relentless. Eventually, the Genikit had no choice to make a run back into the thick area of the Flower Florest.

The fairies once thought they were victories for driving them away, but later, as they least expected, the same Genikits had rushed back in to retaliate and they were not happy. Fearing for their lives, the fairies made a run for it, but then disaster occurred. For one of the fairies had accidentally knocked its own kind hard enough and send that one falling and hit the ground. Luckily, the ground was made out of cloud, so it didn't hurt. Unfortunately that fairy became grounded. As the genikits continued to chase them away, one male genikit stopped after seeing what happened and kneaded down on his knees. He saw the injured fairy trying to get away, but it appears to have hurt her wings and was unable to fly. She turned to notice one looking at her and saw his large hand getting close to her. Fearing for the worse, she closed her eyes tightly and accepted her fate. Only to surprised her when she felt herself being gently lifted up off the clouded ground.

She looked at the male genikit, still terrified, and pray that he doesn't hurt her, reaching out her hands in defense and looking away. That is until she heard a gentle voice, asking her if she was okay. The fairy didn't answer, but she slowly looked at him a bit, noticing that he appears to be a bit worried about her. He asked again if she was alright and waited patiently for her answer. She simply looked at her wing and as he looked at it as well, he noticed that she hurt her wings. Sincerely, he apologize for letting that happen. He only wanted them away unharmed so that he and his fellow genikits can have some peace and quiet. The fairy stated that she refuse to leave the Flower Florest, and added that she cannot, and neither can the other fairies. Out of curiosity, he asked why they can't, but as soon as he heard the answer, it surprised him greatly.

All this time, when the Genikits had entered the Flower Florest, they entered the Fairies' home and at first the fairies were a bit skeptical, for they have never seen a Genikit before and wondered what they were up too. They observed them for a while and didn't know that they were lost. And as soon as they saw them cutting down their home, they feared that they were destroying their home. Which was why they tried to sabotage their work, and tried to drive them away. The male genikit felt guilty for messing up their home. He was only trying to make him and his friends comfortable for a while, but had no idea how much damage they had caused. And to make it worse, the damage was irreversible, for they cannot regrow itself.

When his friends returned, they saw that he was simply standing there doing nothing. They approach to him to notice that he had the same one that they chased away. He explained to his friend what they were doing all this time and the fact on how much trouble they had caused. It took a little while, but as they looked at their surrounding to where they started cutting things downs, then soon realize their mistakes and was hoping that there was a way to at least fix the damage, that offer got both  genikits and the fairies thinking.

Trixie: And thats how it became what it is now. None were able to make it the way it was before, but they manage to overlap the hole above us using what was taken down and sticked them together. Though I never thought that was possible, but how its done...I can't remember.

David: Ahh, I see. Quite an amazing story there. But I'm curious...because of what that the reason why you tended to be more shy?

Trixie: Hehehe! Nope. We were shy to begin with when we meet someone new. The incident didn't caused us that one.

David: Oh okay.

After that explanation, Trixie started to feel a little tired of all the flying and landed gently on David's left shoulder. Seeing that it was a pretty good idea, David decided to approach the center of the open area of the Flower Florest and sit down. Trixie mentioned that his friend will soon show up here, so waiting is the only option. He agreed and did just that. As he waited he looked at Trixie with a smile and ended up noticing her feet being bare. Being the size of someone's hand, Trixie's bare feet seem to appear to be nearly two inches. He remembered shaking her foot gently since fairies don't really do handshake like any others. And once he got a look at them the second time now, he couldn't stop staring at them, which caught Trixie's attention, but didn't know what was going on.

Trixie called his name, and it happened to snap him out of it. Perhaps he wasn't in trance if he responded so quickly. Then out of curiosity, she asked if everything was okay. David simply said yes, but ended up going back to look at her bare feet. This time, she noticed what he was looking at and only a few seconds later, she giggled and wiggled her toes at him. It somehow worked for just doing that made David blushed.

Trixie: Are you staring at my feet? Hehe.

David: *He blushed even more after being asked that question and looked at Trixie* Wha—huh?

Trixie: Hehehehe! I take that as a yes.

David: *He then laughed nervously* Can't fool you, huh?

Trixie: Hehe. Nope. But why were you staring at my feet? Didn't something happen to them?

David: N-no, it's not that. I just well...happen to like them.

Trixie: You like my feet? Haha! That's pretty funny.

David: *Her laughter soon got him embarrassed*

Trixie: So why do you like my feet? Hm?

David: happen to be so small and cute. Makes me curious if all other fairies have bare feet.

Trixie: Haha! You're pretty funny. A human, who is now a genikit, happens to like feet—my feet. Now I've seen everything!

David: *He chuckled nervously* First time for everything, right?

Trixie: *She nod* So since you like my feet, how much so?

David: Very much. Since I discovered myself that I do. I hope you don't mind me saying so.

Trixie: Haha! Well to be honest, it's a little weird. No one has ever like feet before.

David: Haha. I guess not.

Trixie: a way, I thank you for liking my feet....I think. So what do those that likes feet do with the?

David: Well...some do various things to someone's feet, more things than other. Kinda hard to explain.

Trixie: Hmm...then what would you do to my feet?

David: I'd tell you...but are you sure?

Trixie: I'm sure. You got me very curious.

David: In that case...for me, I've always love to tickle and even their feet for as long as they can handle it. And lick them if they like.

Trixie: Tickle? What's that?

David: *He looked at Trixie with a surprised expression* You don't know what tickle is?

Trixie: Never heard of it.

That caught David off guard after hearing that. Never had he expect a fairy to not know what tickling is. Sure the fairy knows what licking is, but tickling was a different story, for it sounded very new to them, so Trixie asked David if he would like to teach her what it is. David was happy to help. He explained it the best way he could, telling her that tickling is like feeling a light tough on the skin that would usually cause one to laugh. Trixie appeared to be interested with an info like that and was curious on how tickling can make a person...or a fairy like herself, laugh. David had a little trouble thinking of an answer for that. So he requested if Trixie would like to give it a shot by letting him tickle her, assuring her that it's the best option he can think of to answer her question. She thought about it for a moment, then accept.

Trixie slowly decent toward David's right hand and landed onto the palm of it. She then took a seat on his hand, extending her legs toward his wrists and arms. Wasn't sure what to do next, she asked him. Only to receive his answer by tell her to relax. She nod and took a deep breath, but just as she started to do that, she was caught off guard by the feeling of David's pinky finger giving her tiny tummy a very gentle poke,  causing her to gasp and cover her tummy instinctively.

Trixie: *Looked at David with a surprise look* Wh-what that--!?

David: Haha. Sorry to surprise you. What I did was a simple poke, which often makes a brief reaction that some would do what you just did when surprised. If I did it someone that were to be expecting it, he or she would giggle.

Trixie:  O-oh I see.

David: Truth be told, I'd given you better demonstration, but since I'm so's gonna be tougher than I imagine.

Trixie: Or maybe I'm just so small. Hehe!

David: Haha. Well it doesn't really matter who's the reason. What matter is that do you understand what I'm saying.

Trixie: Um...not really.

David: Hmm. In that case, I may have to use something else. *He paused for a brief moment* And I think I know the answer.

Before long, David was now laying face down, getting as comfortable as he could as he smiled at Trixie. He asked her to simply lay down on his back, in which she did. Happily laying down her back against his and rested her head under her hand. She was curious on why David find it a good time to lay down, but didn't ask. So when David asked if Trixie was ready, she informed him that she is. By saying that, she later took notice of David's black tail moving  about. It was capable of bending as it appears to be long, smooth and the tip of it looked pointy, but very harmless. As he moved his tail close to her, he lightly gave the tip of his tail a very slow stroke across Trixie's small feet, which caused her to gasp by surprise. At the same time, her feet twitch in reaction.

Instead of stopping, David simply grin, despite not being able to see Trixie's reaction easily and continued to slowly stroke the tip of his tail horizontally across the bottom of Trixie's feet. Gradually, she started to giggle after each stroke, for the feeling of the soft and furry-like tail had the bubbly feeling inside her tummy. Trixie had no idea what was going on and why she was feeling that way, but at the same time, she didn't want this to end up. And because the size of David was so big and so was his tail, when he started to slide the soft tip of his tail vertically, she felt it sliding in between her tummy and the bottom of her feet. The feeling inside her became stronger and stronger, making it harder and harder to suppress her giggle, thus starting to change into laughter.

By now, David could actually feel Trixie turning side to side as the feeling of his tail gently brushing against her skin was like being ganged up by lots of smaller version of his tail, all over her body. But a while after her laughter went up, David soon stopped to look back at her and notice her catching a breather.

David: Are you alright, Trixie?

Trixie: that's....tickling huh? Phew....I never knew...that what you did....can also make someone laugh.... It's amazing.

David: (He chuckled) I'm glad you think so.

Later,  Trixie had manage to catch a breather and slowly sat up on David's back. Thanking him for the lesson she'll surely teach all other fairies. Simply hearing that pleased David and added that a lot of things can be used to tickle someone beside the tails. Things like, fingers, feathers, and more. Trixie understood and nod. Just then, they heard a voice from a distant calling out. It was their cue for Trixie to begin flying again, while David sitting up with his legs crossed in front of him. When David heard a voice calling out again, he replied back, giving the calling the location to where he was. It was long before that person who was calling arrived from the thickness of the Flower Florest. It was none other than Robert, who was now very glad to see David once again.

Robert: There you are, David! I've been looking for you!

David: Same here, Robert. I was worried that we'd never see each other again.

Robert: No kidding. (He turned to look at the fairy who was fluttering next to him) Thank you for your  help. Couldn't have found him with you.

David: (He lean his head for a moment, then chuckled) Robert, is that who I think I'm seeing?

Robert: (Was about to answer, but notice David has someone fluttering next to him as well) If you're thinking what I'm thinking...

David & Robert: You befriended a fairy!

Robert: (He started to laugh) it seems that way. Her name is Amy. She was the one that helped me find you here. She seem to knew where you'd be.

David: That's very cool. Because this here had knew where you'd be sooner or later. Her name is Trixie.

As David and Robert were having a nice reunion, the two fairies looked at each other with joy before flying toward them. They held each other's hand and looked at each other with a grin. They were pleased to see each other the same way, Robert and David felt. Then they both looked at the two genikit, before Trixie flew toward Robert and Amy flew toward David. Just like before, they gave each other a handshake/footshake as they greeted one another and by now, they accepted it.

David: Please to meet you, Amy. And thanks for helping my friend, Robert.

Amy: You're welcome, David. Hehehe!

Robert: And I thank you, Trixie, for helping my friend, David. It's a pleasure receiving help by someone like you.

Trixie: Hehehehe! Aww thanks! You have a very interesting friend. A human who's a now a Genikit and taught me something I never expected: Tickling.

Robert: Tickling? (He then looked at David)

David: (He looked back at Robert, feeling a little embarrassed) Hehe.

Amy: Tickling? (She then looked at David) What's tickling?

David: I'd tell you, but I'm sure, Trixie will tell you everything she knows.

Amy: (She simply looked at David with a confused look.)

Later, just before the sun began to rise, the two fairies and guided the two Genikits outside of the Flower Florest and was very thankful to have met the two of them. Robert and David felt the same way and was glad they had met new friends, and knew that they were gonna miss each other very much. Trixie and Amy smiled at the two and flew toward them and gave their cheek a nice kiss, telling them that they will see each other again the next time they come to visit. And before long, the two fairies waved to them before flying back inside their home.

Shortly after, David and Robert were feeling very tired, but they knew that their work is not yet done for they have one thing they need to do. Before long, they both arrived in Sage's throne room as they both stood before them. The Sage looked at them and requested their report. Which was safe to say that it was a all clear from any trouble. They had not found any threats, but they chose to leave out the info about the two meeting a new friends as both Robert and David simply grin at each other.
The Flower Florest
It's been so long since I shared any stories, I decided to make another special one of David the Genikit's adventure, since the main story is becoming hard to work on. ^^;

Anyway, the credit of the fairy making goes to :icongen8:, so I give her my thanks. If it wasn't for her, I'd not have the idea of creating a story like this...though I admit it that it's longer than usual.


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